Mattress cleaners London / Chelsea / Knightsbridge

We take a good care of your mattress providing thorough and proper cleaning, maintenance and disinfection services. Our local cleaners get rid of all types of dirt, dust, liquids (coffee, wine, etc.) in order to make your bed a perfectly clean place to sleep and relax. We service both individual Clients, but also landlords, hotel owners, or real estate agents.

                          Minimum order £ 65

Local mattress cleaners London

Our local technicians and mattress cleaners come fully trained, equipped and ready to take up small, mid-size and large cleaning projects in each corner of London (Chelsea, Knightsbridge, Hammersmith, Battersea, Wimbledon, Richmond, Kingston, Hampstead, Notting Hill, Highgate, Surrey, Higate, Islington, Muswel Hill, etc.).


Mattress stain removal London

Our team of local and trustworthy mattress cleaners in London utilise the latest technology developments to give you even better, faster and more effective on-site cleaning of mattresses and other upholstered furniture items. We only use the best cleaning agents and chemicals to make sure that each stain, dirt, speck of dust or debris is removed and all the fibres and colours remain as they were. We offer our cleaning services for domestic clients as well as landlords, homeowners, and for those who need a quick and professional cleaning at the end of tenancy period.


On-site mattress cleaning London​

We possess the newest cleaning equipment and vacuuming sets that can effectively get rid of any kind of dirt and stains at your place. Spot and stain removing method which we use allows us to completely and effortlessly revice the natural colour of each mattress fabric for a long time. Using professional and dedicated detergents makes sure that each fabric is treated with the required care.


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